Terms & Conditions

1. No Racism/Homophobia

This rule goes without saying that you treat everyone fairly and any attempt at Racism or Homophobia within this discord will result in the person or group being removed.

2. No Flaming

This rule has a fine line between banter and excessive flaming of another player and/or group. Banter is welcomed but do NOT cross the line into outright flaming someone as it will result in a mute.

3. No RWT for RS or RSPS

Any attempt at selling gold whether it be RS or RSPS related will result in instant removal of the person from discord as well as in-game. (This does not give you the right to sell other currencies in this discord as you will be removed if caught doing so)

4. No leaking of Personal Information

As it states anyone attempting or have leaked of someone else personal information will result in removal from discord and possibly further action, up to the discretion of the team.

5. Channel Topics

Essentially what this is asking of the person is to keep channel topics within the channel itself and not to post it all over the place. This is a peace of mind for the staff if we need information as well doesn't clutter up the space with non-topic stuff.

6. No Advertising/Promotions of other Servers

As it states any advertising and/or promotions of any server but Matrix will be strictly prohibited.

7. Common Sense

Use your head in situations, this ties in with all of these rules as a "don't be an ass hat" sort of request. Use your head with regards to discord and don't cause issues.

8. Webstore

Products are non refundable, please check twice before making your purchase. We may make an exception if the product has not been consumed yet but please note that in normal circustances purchases are final and non refundable and the act of chargeback will result in legal action plus your account terminated. All purchased items are in usd.