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Update 6.0 | Skilling Amulet, Huge Voting Benefits, QoL & Bug Fixes!


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Who here likes skilling? We have a treat for you!

Well we all know what the looter's amulet does, auto collects drops from npc's in-game. Now what does the skilling amulet do?
The same actions apply to the new skilling amulet, but this time it will auto collect all skilling supplies for you, accelerating your time spent skilling.

image.png.bfa4be038d48145dee8bb75bde5dd511.png     image.png.708fb77220cf3f37a11236a734226f03.png

Whether it is chopping trees to collect logs for fire making, or fishing for sharks at fishing guild, this skilling amulet won't let you down.
But the main question now. Where can I get it? It's pretty easy to find, it will be in the vote shop to start of for 250 vote ticket, so you better start saving and buying them now!





What's this all about?
We feel we can do better to reward you all for voting, and here it is. The new vote box!
You will still be able to fight mimic along with receiving your voting tickets, this is just a completely new addition for the love of our players

image.png.16f18bf771499428abcdbb91cb5329a8.png     image.png.4de51ebe915e9e7a84a3ab5f4af5a92e.png

You may also notice the cheeky new addition into the game, and the rarest item from the vote box itself being the rainbow phat!
What makes this phat so special is voting will be the only way to get it in game, along with a nice and juicy 10% xp bonus rate when in use.


Without Rainbow phat                                                                                 With Rainbow phat

image.png.7da1b97df50f23202bb2944a1da9cfd9.png     image.png.0a091acf5444a2dad7b5b9b1b2fb9675.png



We are making a couple of changes to the store!

image.png.9794ae998a34148f7bda7e69b163ba80.png     image.png.dbb65883f4dc408bd5fc4844b2653d6b.png

In come the new Weapon and Armour boxes, making it easier for people to go for either a weapon or armor.
Each box will be $6 and of course can always catch a deal if pming a staff member, see below box previews.


image.png.257d91635ff99fa01975f3f8f1edc6e3.png     image.png.c251063c290d422b8e8eb2009d669809.png



- You can now get your equipment back you hit a boss that is not reachable. It will drop behind you if the tile is unreachable.
- When Serpentine helm uncharges, it now doesn't drop the helm.
- Ruby's are now uncapped at Nex.
- Ironman and Expert leaderboards are now available to view.
- Removed some old commands which were outdated and irrelevant to Matrix.
- Now have ::wiki command that showcases our up and coming Matrix Wiki.
- Fixed a couple more Trivia questions, answer in game to find out which.
- Added a "reset pin" command after people have been stuck out and forget their pins.
- Moderators can now enable and disable ddr for events.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

Luke image.png.6cf1400376144aa43ea45982a7ec3561.png

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