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Update 5.0 | Expert and HCIM GM, DDR Events, QoL & Bug Fixes!


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Show us what you got, nubs!

It's about time we introduced some new game modes for you all, Expert and Hardcore Ironman!

With expert mode, we will be putting your patience to the test with slower xp rates along with better overall drop rate chances, allowing you the desired mixture to keep your grind going till the end!

With hardcore mode, you all know how this works! You got 1 chance so don't waste it, and let's see who can get the best leaderboard scores for the duration of your hardcore grind!





What might this be?
Let's be honest, event drops have been pretty sh**, so let's take it up a notch to the next level!
Admins and Mods will now be able to use the double drop rate command for events! This will half the drop rate of all rares and ultra rares, so be sure to gear yourself up with all your fellow nubs and see who is first to get those rare drops!



Before ddr enabled                                                                              After ddr enabled




What the fu** does this mean?
A highly sought after suggestion on the Discord has led us to give you more information about your npc grinds with the addition of 2 new sets of notifications!

The first being a global notification to everyone showing your kill count in achieving the dropped item, so it's time to start comparing with your fellow players and see who takes all the bragging rights.




The second notification being your total kill count for each individual npc, giving you a nice indication straight from the chat box instead of having to find it the longer and harder way.





- Remove Christmas snow in game.
- Removed Evil Santa notification on login.
- Giant mimics task are now set to amt 1 and as a hard task.
- Fixed a bug with gambling king not gambling further if trying to gamble an item that can not be gambled.
- Reverted login music to original RS music.
- Extend the afk timer for looters amulet from 120 seconds to 300.
- Change spelling of answer in question about Kuradal from 'Kuradel' to 'Kuradal'.
- Added common and rare loot for all players who have dealt damage at all ::worldboss.
- Made the Collection logs turn green when completed.




Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

DragonKK and Luke.



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