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Update 4.0 | The One Where We're Fixing Everything


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Hello fellow Matrixers,

You won't believe the amount of bugs and suggestions we tried squashed in this update. It's like we turned into the Avengers and took down an entire army of annoying little critters. You're welcome.

But seriously, we've made some important fixes and improvements that we think you'll appreciate, also suggested by our community over the past few weeks. Check out the details below:


- Ruby's used to be 50 cap at corp, now are uncapped at corp.



- Moderators can now spawn PK tournaments and double points for event games.


- All threads on the forum/website can now be edited, moved and deleted by the author.



- Donated total amount for donation rank, previously x5, has been changed to x4 for time being (in discussion to include in-game scrolls/bonds to help achieve ranks easier).



- Included ::mole teleport to quicken teleport.



- Added Armadyl runes in shops for all ironman; Aubury, Baby Yaga, Yanille and Mage Bank.



- Control + T now opens up the teleport interface.



All other changes:

- Christmas event has now been disabled and Christmas boxes removed from the store.
- COX bosses are now able to walk through NPCs.
- Curses deflect prayers now deflect 1-2 damage.
- The automatic PK tournament time has now decreased from every 12 hours to every 6 hours, along with the cash prize size decreased from 20m, 15m and 10m to 15m, 10m and 7.5m.
- Wilderness bosses now drop money even when off task (between 500 - 1,000).
- There is now no KBD warning after entering for the first time.
- Can now use fishing explosives to awake Kraken.
- Have the ability to use numpad numbers to auto continue option dialogues.
- Fixed the Ice Barrage for large NPCs, and multi hit now stacks properly.
- Replaced the 150K Spin Ticket (very rare drop on many tables) with 150K cash.
- Moved the bank chest away from TOB entrance due to it being hard to click.
- Can now close the world map with the 'Esc' key.

Thanks for sticking with us through the rough patches. We promise to do our best to keep things running smoothly from now on. Unless there's a meteor heading towards Earth. In that case, all bets are off.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

DragonKK and Luke.

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