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Update 3.0 | Lucien's Staff and Lucien's Gem, QoL & Bug Fixes!


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It's about time!

Matrix RSPS is proud to release our newest global boss, Lucien!

Get yourself to the new Lucien boss with command ::lucienboss in game to start grinding those drops.
Round the squad and fellow players and take on Lucien for the top prize of Lucien's Gem.
Be aware, this isn't an easy boss so prepare yourself for the long fight! 





What might this be?
The Lucien Gem is a brand new gem into Matrix, and it is a contributing factor into creating the new BIS weapon.
Once you have been chosen by the rng gods to be the lucky drop winner, be sure to take the next step into making Lucien's Staff!


sang-staff.png.4b71d5cedbbfa7a6bf816e917bd18cf6.png   +   lucien-gem-img.png.b80498076b84b71ffeba4420f6184d80.png

You will first need to obtain the Sanguinesti Staff from ToB, then combine with corrupt curse from the corrupt caskets at Woolperthing boss to create you Empowered Sanguinesti Staff. Combine the staff and the gem and there you have it!





Introducing your new BIS weapon!
The Lucien Gem used with the Empowered Sanguinesti Staff will create this monster of a mage weapon, and not only is it same stats as the Empowered Sanguinesti staff, the Lucien Staff will double hit, enabling you to be ahead of the rest with this amazing weapon!


image.png.669c508be8c5e36977f34ffa4b614ef9.png     image.jpeg.74897d0eb0763dd6419d10b0e0a47a93.jpeg




- You are no longer able to spawn looting bag.
- removed the spins question from the trivia.
- Fixed looting neck loot setting not working.
- Fixed a dupe related to presets.
- Fixed another dupe and familiar summoning twice.
- Changed the comp cape 1b drop party to 10m since it doesn't fit as a requirement.
- Removed LLR, Almighty Spirit Shield, Onyx Blood Scythe, Twisted Bow and Infinity Jewellery in order to promote playing 4 endgame items.
- Fixed Matrix boss task.
- Nerfed Tekton defence on CoX as it was too op.
- You can now skip CoC raid to the final boss at end of first floor.
- Added Runelist to Toplists.
- Improved advertisement description slightly.
- Temporarily disabled SpawnPK to fix dupe issues.
- Stealing creation now requires 2 players only to start a game.
- New instance system interface.
- Made infinity ring to say all required missing rings when attempting to make the ring.
- Remove furnitures at ::shops to make more space for npc
- Lucien world boss, Empowered Lucien's Staff and Empowered Lucien's Gem has been added.


Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

DragonKK and Luke.

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