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Release Update #1


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This update lists some of the implementations on the game that have been done in order for us to release Matrix project, including 5 new bosses, new armours, a new minigame and much more:


1. Added a 100% f2p spawn pk zone that auto maxes account on it + added interface to spawn items

2. Presets on the 100% f2p zone dont require banking to load

3. Looted items after death get equipped automatically now (one click wear from gravestone)

4. Nomad HM has been added. A completely new difficulty boss

5. infinity ring (i) & infinity necklace (i) are now added ingame as rewards from nomad HM imbue scrolls

6. Added warnings for wilderness commands such as ::easts

7. Increased money pouch limit up to 200b + made able to withdraw cash as platinum tokens

8. Added floor messages showing drop cash value after a monster kill similar to rs3

9. Made players able to start  'fun mode' tournaments at any time for a small fee of 5M

10. Added ability to store higher tier tools on toolbelt such as dragon pickaxes or hatchets, up to Crystal tier

11. Added noted overloads/extreme potions

12. Halloween masks now give 2.5% XP Boost

13. Increased overall drop rates since endgame is expanded

14. Made presets not remove activated aura 

15. Made presets able to withdraw noted items

16. Increased minigame boxes rares from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 200 (hyvbrid gear)

17. Reduced cash rewards from pvp tournements to balance the economy

18. Reduced cash from slayer caskets to also balance the economy 

19. Fixed issue with hp/prayer/summon orbs showing not full when virtual lvl over 99

20. Expanded max virtual levels to 150 (2100m XP) and kept hiscores displaying virtual levels

21. Added animated loading screen 

22. Expanded HELP Friends chat to add people to another channel when full, all the way up to 2000 people.

23. 1. Dungeoneering rewards are now set back to same price as runescapes

24. Chambers of xeric prayers to be available from dungeoneering as well

25. Improved accuracy formula to be more similar to Original Matrix (much more fun)

26. Added clan banks

27. Changed world boss difficulty to increase hp 3% per player online

28. Added a Giant Mimic Vote world boss 

29. Added right click Dig option to clues

30. Collector amulets now have fully customizable options

31. Linked characters to website safely and allowed even email login ingame for easiness with voting and donating

32. Added a gambling system interface to prevent people from being scammed

33. The gambling king now only gambles with you once per day (to prevent people from getting addict to gambling)

34. Added voting as a requirement to cut the AFK trees and increased amount of money given

35. Added PVP Hiscores And kills/deaths tracking, plus a way to reset them. ::resetkdr.

36. Added Deadman Mode. An entirely new game mode where you can pvp anywhere ingame and if you die to another player you loss 1 random item to them (bank included). The icon above head showing how many kills you've gotten in a row

37.  Protect prayers calculate now at begin, not end of projectile, for pvp similar to on osrs.

38. Implemented Runelite (More pluggins planned to be added in the future)

39. Ironman can now use all shops as normal mode

40. Ultimate Ironman is now an existing game mode (no banking allowed). Hardcore Ironman won't be added to prevent frustration from dying to lagg issues and so on.

41. Added 3 challenging hard mode godwar bosses which drop imbue scrolls to upgrade ultimate armor into imbued version. 

42. Added imbued ultimate godwars armor

43. MR ex now sells keepsake keys at 3M each at home

45. Added daily tasks ingame which reward lamps for completion

46. Replaced SOF with teleports tab and added a daily tasks tab

47. Remade home to bring back Matrix nostalogia back to original edgeville.

48. Improved tutorial + news 

49. Added kills & deaths to website hiscores

50. Increased Treasure Trails Drop Rates

51. Lowered cost for certain items on slayer shop

52. Added Aura Mystery Boxes (Can be obtained through Vote Shop & Slayer Rewards Shop)

53. Added Christmas Theme to the game



1. Added a Onyx Statue as a tribute to previous project between Matrix and matrix Relaunch.

2. Made Avernic defender count as dragon defender for completionist cape

3. Fixed an issue with almighty sigil name

4. Made bamboo doors work

5. Added ::benefits command to see donator benefits thread

6. Increased Almighty spirit shield strength bonus from 3 to 6

7. Fixed an existing deadlock

8. Fixed bug with summoning not saying anything when trying to summon a pouch without enough summoning points

9. Fixed a bug allowing untradeable items to be traded

10. Added beta option (world2) to runelite

11. Removed donator shops from game and shards

12. Added sound effect when completing tasks

13. Added sound to crossbows combat

14. Updated ge npc talk now option to show transactions and other options

15. Teleporting to slayer tasks no longer requires donator rank

16. Removed a repeated spawn strange old man at barrows

17. Fixed a bug with Teleport to Chaos temple

18. Fixed a bug causing god mode on wilderness

19. Added a pool to restore HP/Spec at home and ::spawnpk

20. Added more ways of spawning items to ::spawnpk

21. Filtered item search on ::spawnpk better

22. Fixed a bug with korasi & infernal max cape displaying wrong id on spawnpk

23. Added ::hiscores & ::pvphiscores command

24. Added chambers of xeric to teleport menu

25. Added ::coll command to open collector log

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