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Hello! I just wanted to make a quick suggestion for the forums that would potentially increase activity and also make it an enjoyable, easy and fun experience to post/read threads. 

I believe there should be "badges" displayed under usernames that display statistics like how many total posts you have, reputation, awards, etc. 
- additionally add award system for people to award posters for either something interesting, game-breaking, or just needing to be shown appreciation. (basically like reddits forums, so people can "award" posts or threads even comments. This might be hard depending on the forum software, but would be cool to see if it can be looked into.

mall request: Enable "Thanks" on posts so players can "Thank" staff/players for responses/posts, (Similar to RuneServer)

I feel these updates could potentially increase forum activity and engage readers to be involved without posting. I do not expect them to be similar in any capacity, but I hope they serve as a good suggestion.

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