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Update 2.0 | Evil Santa & Snowman, New In-Game Items, QoL & Bug Fixes!


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Do you like Christmas ?
Have you always wanted to fight not just an Evil Santa,
but an Evil Snowman too?

Well it might be your lucky day!

Matrix RSPS is proud to release limited time Evil Santa & Evil Snowman!

Both Christmas Bosses will be available to fight, alternating every 2-4 hours using the command ::xmasevent.
Let's get everyone together and take down Evil Santa and Evil Snowman. Destroy the minions before taking out Evil Snowman.
Evil Santa arrives, kill all his imps with the snow before taking on the big man himself! 




Keep an eye out for some HUGE drops! 3 weapon drops; Evil Santa's Warhammer, Evil Santa's Wand and Evil Santa's Crossbow, and the full Evil Santa's Set; Evil Santa's Hat, Evil Santa's Robe Top, Evil Santa's Robe Bottom, Evil Santa's Gloves and Evil Santa's Boots!










image.png.7f453859a315e8e590a95419e1dcda67.png     image.png.93c1fdfd473ee0d10b58010c0629afea.png

Christmas Box and Looter's Amulet

Introducing the latest and also festive purchasable items in the store; The Christmas Box and Looter's Amulet! The $20 USD Christmas box will reward you with cosmetic items, gear pieces and lots of cash, three in one rewards! If you're lucky enough, win a Phat or Santa hat which includes XP Boost or even our Evil Santa's gear!.

The $25 USD Looter's Amulet has the same stats as Amulet of Fury which is one of best Amulet's in game. On top of that, it auto-loots drops automatically into your bank and can be configured by rarity.

Make sure to look out for Luke in-game for some juicy deals if you're planning to donate for these or any other items from the ::store!





- Fixed the bug not allowing to repeat Nomad fight.
- Summoning special no longer cancels combat & walk.
- Fixed a potential dupe (pretty hard to replicate).
- Added a gem buyer at home.
- Reduced amount of players required to start a Stealing Creation Game to 2 per team.
- Fixed a bug with preview boxes interface.
- Added jangerberries next to yanille.
- Lowered Ganodermic beasts magic defence.
- Lowered required Godwars Kill Count to 10-1 instead of 25-1 (depending on rank).
- Fixed a bug with matrix task not counting.
- Infernal blowpipe drop now announces.
- Fixed a bug with bank tabs wealth refresh.
- Fire max cape stats now has same stats as max cape.


Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

DragonKK and Luke.


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