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Update 1.0 | Solo Pest Control & Zulrah HM, QOL & Bug Fixes!


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Are you a fan of Full void ?
Have you tried joining a team for Pest Control but didn't
manage to get a game started due to the lack of players?

Well here's your lucky day!

Matrix RSPS is proud to release Solo Pest Control! 

Solo Pest Control is an entry way to play the minigame alone !To do so, teleport to Pest Control via ::pestcontrol.
Grab your best gear and head south from the bank onto the docks. Try to cross the plank into the boat and you will be prompted
2 options.
Solo and regular Pest Control. Select "Solo" and you'll start the game instantly! 




Once in the game, check your chatbox for the portal you can attack! Go and kill that portal before you run out of time! Solo Pest Control requires only 1 portal kill in order to get it done. 





Completing a game in solo mode rewards you with some PC Points and a revamped Minigame Box

So stop waiting for other players and let's see if you can solo yourself some Elite Void!!



Is Zulrah too easy for you ?
Have you ever wanted to fight a stronger version of Zulrah, with harder mechanics and the possibility to receive some better rewards ?
Well here's your chance !




Matrix RSPS is proud to present to you;  Hardmode Zulrah.
Hardmode Zulrah, unlocked after obtaining
100 regular Zulrah kills, is pretty much the same boss but with a twist to its mechanics. It now has;

- 50% Hitpoints, Attack and Defence increases
- Can now attack through prayers; 30% of damage will hit you.
- The clouds poison now hits 10x harder!

Of course, for those of you who manage to slain this boss, will be rewarded with some new rewards. HM Zulrah drops between 1 and 7,500 upgrade fragments PER KILL and if you are lucky enough, you have a 1 in 1000 chance to obtain an Infernal Blowpipe drop!




So gather your courage and supplies, pray the RNG gods and have a try at it!

Good. Luck.




Premium Mystery Box

Introducing the latest purchasable box in the store; The Premium Mystery Box! This $12 USD box has increased drop rate chance for some better loot compared to the super mystery box currently sold in store. Make sure to look out for Luke in-game for some juicy deals if you're planning to donate for these or any other items from the ::store!



- Deadman, Ironman and Ultimate Ironman mode's icons can now be seen in Friends Chat and yell.
- Added a banner to the Matrix RSPS Discord Invites
- Lava unicorn's textures have been fixed and turned back into regular unicorns
- Renamed the Onyx Worldboss to Matrix Worldboss, as requested by you, the players.
- Donator ranks on Discord now have matching colors to those in-game.
- Discord now has a Music Bot
- Some outdated trivia questions & answers were fixed.
- Shortened the ::VoteworldBoss teleport command to ::Voteboss
- Runepouch cannot be spawned in spawnpk anymore to avoid item smuggling.
- Runepouch now has a separate inventory than the normal game.
- Coal and gem bags can no longer be spawned at Spawnpk.
- Voting timers have been changed from 24 hours to 12 hours.
- Fixed a lodestone typo.
- Fixed a battlestaff crafting bug. Requires crafting now instead of magic.
- Fixed a bug in Duel Arena allowing overriding controllers.
- World Boss' difficulty has been decreased.
- Added Clan bank logs.
- Fixed a bug where players couldn't claim their donations.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't trade cash if the value of the stack was above 2 billions.
- Fixed a bug where the spec weapon wasn't matching the worn weapon.
- Fixed a bug that autobanked items for Ultimate Ironmen.
- Extreme donators can now autobank blood money and bones in the Wilderness.
- Super donators can now autobank charms and seeds in the Wilderness.
- Super donators can now edit their own posts on the forums.
- Players can now post guides on the forums
- Right-click report is now working. Punish option removed.
- Ironmen can no longer use the clan banks
- Item switching now matches the game cycle instead of being instant.
- Fixed a bug where you could spawn toolbelt items.
- Hiscores are now sorted by total levels first, then XP.
- You can no longer spawn Rigour and Augury scrolls in SpawnPk
- Fixed a cash dupe in SpawnPk
- Fixed a bug where Fight Caves completion wasn't counting for daily tasks.
- Increase the XP rates of combat, prayer and summoning for DMM Players (Only those ? ) 
- Removed a Squeal of Fortune chat message.
- Fixed an issue where the ice on the floor was making some places invisible.
- Change the amount of votes required to ::voted from 3 to 2.
- QoL : Improved the drops from Minigame Boxes.
- You can no longer see the Squeal of Fortune in ::Benefits.
- Virtual levels are now toggled off by default.
- Re-activate them using ::SVL Rigour and Augury scrolls now unlock the proper prayers.




Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

DragonKK and Luke
and help from Kuujjuaq.

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