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    • Hello... I am active member of private server communities. I enjoy learning about computers and programming software. I am 31 yr old male that been living on welfare and one of my many comforts is video games.. expectedly mmorpg genre. RuneScape has been a past time and I really enjoy it. I want to be part of a community that I can develop with concern content creation. I understand cache editing and read/ looked and edited matrix source from other revisions.  I hope we can become friends. And I hope this stay in Matrix would be a everlasting experience that I can prepare myself for a self-employed job working on private servers. I am not hosting. I am experimenting and learning. I have idea..... they will brighten in the near future. I hope the developers can take me into consideration to be part of there team. You may not know me well. Nor do I know all of you.  Thank you for hosting this server and I hope many of you will become good friends. 
    • Who here likes skilling? We have a treat for you! Well we all know what the looter's amulet does, auto collects drops from npc's in-game. Now what does the skilling amulet do? The same actions apply to the new skilling amulet, but this time it will auto collect all skilling supplies for you, accelerating your time spent skilling.       Whether it is chopping trees to collect logs for fire making, or fishing for sharks at fishing guild, this skilling amulet won't let you down. But the main question now. Where can I get it? It's pretty easy to find, it will be in the vote shop to start of for 250 vote ticket, so you better start saving and buying them now!     What's this all about? We feel we can do better to reward you all for voting, and here it is. The new vote box! You will still be able to fight mimic along with receiving your voting tickets, this is just a completely new addition for the love of our players       You may also notice the cheeky new addition into the game, and the rarest item from the vote box itself being the rainbow phat! What makes this phat so special is voting will be the only way to get it in game, along with a nice and juicy 10% xp bonus rate when in use.   Without Rainbow phat                                                                                 With Rainbow phat         We are making a couple of changes to the store!       In come the new Weapon and Armour boxes, making it easier for people to go for either a weapon or armor. Each box will be $6 and of course can always catch a deal if pming a staff member, see below box previews.           - You can now get your equipment back you hit a boss that is not reachable. It will drop behind you if the tile is unreachable. - When Serpentine helm uncharges, it now doesn't drop the helm. - Ruby's are now uncapped at Nex. - Ironman and Expert leaderboards are now available to view. - Removed some old commands which were outdated and irrelevant to Matrix. - Now have ::wiki command that showcases our up and coming Matrix Wiki. - Fixed a couple more Trivia questions, answer in game to find out which. - Added a "reset pin" command after people have been stuck out and forget their pins. - Moderators can now enable and disable ddr for events. Thanks for reading and happy gaming! Luke 
    • Hello everyone! I hope all is well on your side. Here's a list of the current Staff Members along with a small word from each of them.   Owner / Developer  - DragonKK Co-Owner / Administrator - Luke Moderator - C T + 123 Supports - Glaiven + Stuggirk + Atazoth + Avatarwon   What is everyone's role ? Owner / Developer: He is the owner of the server and the developer. So as it states it good, he's the Head Developer. He codes the server, updates the server, restarts when needed, hires the Youtubers, workout the ads and work on anything client size that us players, do not see. He also owns the Discord and take care of it. Co-Owner / Administrator: He is the #1 helping hand to the Owner. He also works a lot behind the scenes doing stuff we don't know about but also handles donations, account issues, forums issues, Discord ranks. You'll see him online organising a few events here and there. He also works on the ads, Youtuber hiring aswell as gathering infos from the players on what to update, add, remove to have a successful server. Moderators: Their role is to ensure everyone plays safe. They can answer questions players may have, host events with tweaked bonuses. They can also punish players if they break the rules. They are a solid piece in the Staff Team. Supports: Their role is mainly to answer questions from the players and ensure they get directed to the right informations. They can refer you to various threads made on the Forums. They also host events of all kind, at different times of the day to make sure everyone can partake in one and have fun on Matrix.    Here are some words from each of them.   Name: Luke Timezone: GMT +7 Current Role: Co-owner Responsibility: Run the staff team, create ideas and content and be in-game with players as frequently as possible. Current goal towards the community: Expand and deliver to everyone and everything we do. What do you like to do the most on Matrix? Talk with everyone and hear about their stories and what brings them here. What are your short terms and long term goals on Matrix? I think as an owner the goals are pretty simple, keep Matrix going as long as possible and making the game as enjoyable as possible for all new and existing players along with building a great community along the way. What's make you special? I bring a lot of skills to the team that not many people have such as video and graphic design. I also love people so I enjoy talking too much. Name: CT Timezone: GMT -8 Current Role: Moderator Responsibility: Current goal towards the community: What do you like to do the most on Matrix? What are your short terms and long term goals on Matrix? What's make you special? Name: 123 Timezone: GMT +2 Current Role: Moderator Responsibility: Enforce rules, help people and host events with added bonuses. Current goal towards the community: Building a big and tight community which we're all happy to be part of. What do you like to do the most on Matrix? Doing pvm content with my friends and having friendly banter 😉 What are your short terms and long term goals on Matrix? Getting a damn blowpipe drop, longterm probably getting all drops from tob/cox/nex. What's make you special? I'd say my social skills and game knowledge. Name: Glaiven Timezone: GMT +1 Current Role: Support Responsibility: When people are in need of help, im there to support them, if they got questions in any form, i'm here to answer it, i also keep a tight lease on Luke as his caretaker. Current goal towards the community: To raise the lower geared and lower levelled players of the server and help them get to a higher tier of pvm, by hosting pvm events and giving them advice and tips on how to improve their setup and what goals to set for themselves. What do you like to do the most on Matrix? I love hardcore ironman mode the most, after that its pvming with the others doing Tob and godwars masses. What are your short terms and long term goals on Matrix? My short term is maxing, my long term is learning the higher tiers of pvming that matrix offers. What's make you special? I'm not more special that any other person on this server, I just have a keen interest in making people's stay on matrix the best and most fun time. Name: Atazoth Timezone: GMT -5 Current Role: Support Responsibility: Helping players in anyway I can and being active with the community! Current goal towards the community: My current goal is to make the community a nice place for everyone to have fun and get along! What do you like to do the most on Matrix? I love the community, I have made many friends on the game, I also love skilling/bossing. What are your short terms and long term goals on Matrix? My short term goals is honestly probably to get 120 dung and then completionist cape. My long term goal is to definitely get 200m XP in all skills. What's make you special? I have played runescape for 20 years so my in game knowledge is very vast/in depth. I was also support on Dragonkk's last server Onyx so I have experience being a support. I also played the origional matrix so I have been in the scene for quite some time. Name: Stuggirk Timezone: GMT -5 Current Role: Support Responsibility: Assisting the community by answering questions they may have about the content on the server. Current goal towards the community: Create an active and friendly environment where everyone can enjoy their time spent here. What do you like to do the most on Matrix? It's the closest in feel to pre-eoc that i've found on an rsps server that i've found without super op custom items. What are your short terms and long term goals on Matrix? Shortish term goal maxing on expert long term goals acquire true bis gear for each combat style.  What's make you special? I don't know, i've been told that actually caring about the server and community makes me special x.D Name: Avatarwon Timezone: GMT -5 Current Role: Support Responsibility: Answer questions, host events, welcome newcomers. Plenty more, just give good vibes, too. Current goal towards the community: Get more people to hop on to mass/event/worldboss even just for a couple hours every so often. What do you like to do the most on Matrix? PvM and chat/masses and events. What are your short terms and long term goals on Matrix? Short term, learn the mechanics and bosses so I can not only do them myself, but help others who are struggling, long term I would very much like to have all challenges and such completed. What's make you special? Honestly, I find it hard to brag about myself, but what I constantly hear from friends is that I'm loyal, determined, open-minded, and funny. Obviously that could be anyone, but that's what I've come to feel makes me special.
    • currently hunter is fairly unoptimal due to most methods not being available. take this with a grain of salt as I am a vip donor 1-27 crimson swifts 28-35 puro puro 35- 44   aerial fishing to get fishing outfit (had 77 fishing at start) 44-53 falconry   53-58 chincompas the circled area is where i had the best luck catching the grey chins  58-63 puro puro 63-73 red chincompas 73-77 black chincompas 77-99 grenwalls   possible optimized path will be added as more methods become available
    • I try to be active daily and am here to answer game knowledge questions players may have, as well as helping the owners with various things as a member of the creative team, utc -5
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